Meet the Founder


Keisha James-McCamie, M.Ed.

Early Childcare Administrative Support Professional with over 15 Years of Early Childcare Experience




"Human Development and Early Childhood have been my passions since my very own experience in childcare as a child. The representation I witnessed seeing someone who looked like me own and run her childcare center was life changing. After college, I pursued experiences within the classroom as well as in administration, retaining a variety of impressions upon my teaching philosophy. My dream of owning my own childcare center grew to help children on a larger scale because I am only one person and cannot be everywhere. So my passion developed into a desire to support my peers. Once I became a mother, the passion amplified to support parents. Through this tri-vision, I aim to support the whole child through supporting all the above who impact their lives. I have been able to effectively and efficiently serve others while also serving my own child by providing him with intentional parenting and an experiential-based learning environment in which he will thrive. So to continue to serve both my child and the education field, Child Care PatchWorks LLC was born."

By tuning in to all the things that bring me joy; being with my son, being a part of his educational experience while still being of service to others, and continuing to be an educator, I was able to produce a true labor of love.

With much gratitude, thank you for visiting the website and I look forward to being of service.

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