TeacHim Mom Parent Service

Empowering, Uplifting & Supporting Parents


Parent2Parent Pow Wow (1 hour)-need a phone or video call to vent parent to parent, feeling drained, need a boost of confidence in parenting decisions, get answers to parenting questions, want to get some quick developmental tips based on your child's age, anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new baby, how to prepare siblings, new parent, etc.? Sometimes all you need is someone to listen. Book now for the Parent2Parent Pow Wow for a one-on-one session. 

$15 per hour

Power of Routine Action Plan

(1 hour)-a personalized routine action plan that establishes some parenting goals and offers alternative perspectives that fits your schedule.

$25 per hour

Parent Empowerment Monthly Subscription-includes up to 2 Parent Pow Wows per week, Text messaging feature available anytime throughout the month, a Power of Routine Action Plan, referrals, and resources.

$40 per month

*Please note, confidentiality is strictly adhered to.

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The TeacHim Mom Philosophy

Parenting is not hard but, it truly does take a village, big or small.

TeacHim Mom's approach to parenting is being proactive rather than reactive.  I provide suggestive tools and tips for effective parenting by providing knowledge in child development with a specialty in Early Childhood. I also promote parent empowerment, mindfulness, and self-care.

By meeting you where you are in your parenting style, I provide insight using your current lifestyle to help you to be proactive and intentional in your parenting. I also provide tips to improve parent-child relationships, whether it's by being an outlet or helping you to establish or adjust a routine.

My Inspiration

My childhood dreams were to teach young children and to be a mom.


I studied Early Childhood Education, Family & Child Studies with a concentration in Family Services as well as Educational Management & Teacher Leadership. It has always been drilled during my studies about how important positive experiences in the first decade of life is for children yet little is shared with parents, who are their child's first teacher.

After fulfilling education and career accomplishments I was ready to be a mom but, I experienced multiple miscarriages. For someone who dreamed of having children this was very challenging and disheartening. After years of trying, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy! 


You can see him and I in action on Instagram at www.instagram.com/teachim_mom/ and Facebook at www.facebook.com/teachimmom

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