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Meet the Founder


Keisha James-McCamie, M.Ed.

Family & Child Administrative Support Professional with over 15 Years of Early Childhood Experience


"There are two things I wanted to be when I grew up, an Educator and a Mother. It was not until after I had my son that I knew I wanted to forever tie the two together. Learning and observing who he is as an individual made me assess and reflect on how to best parent him. He is an experiential learner. Never in a million years did I envision that my childhood dream of teaching and the investment I made to acquire my credentials would be priceless in the fact that I get to use them firsthand with my child. But, I did not want to stop there because I adore the lives that I have been able to touch, the lasting positive as well as loving impressions I have left on children and families of those I had being a Teacher, Preschool Director, Childcare Administrator, Reading Specialist, Quality Rating Associate, CLASS Observer and Child Development Associate Course Facilitator. I also know my son enough to know that the traditional school education structure is not how he learns best. So I decided to provide the structure for an Educational Journey highlighting experiential learning for young children. 

As an Entrepreneur with a passion for supporting and  empowering others, I started my Virtual Administrative Support service at that start of the Pandemic with my peers within the Education sector in mind. That grew into supporting new and Veteran entrepreneurs. My intention is to also highlight strengths and creativity in the parents I encounter so that they can create a space where they, too, can educate their child while generating income. 

With much gratitude, thank you for visiting the website and I look forward to being of service.


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