Child Care PatchWorks, LLC.

"Patchwork or "pieced work" is a form of needlework that connects layers together.  The mission of Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. is striving to connect together the intricate layers of childhood by supporting those who support children. 

Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. support services include reliable outsourcing through virtual administrative support, parent empowerment services and educational services.

Meet the Owner


Keisha James-McCamie, M.Ed.

Early Childcare Administrative Support Professional with over 15 Years of Early Childcare Experience




"He is my reason! 


One would think I am referring to God or a man, while I honor them both, that is not what I mean in this instance. There are two things I wanted for my life as a child. Not to be a superstar (because my personality as an introvert and empath are not set up for that) or to be married like most girls (that’s why I had no idea what to expect or do to prepare for the first day or days that followed but, that’s another story). My dreams were to own a childcare center as a trained educator and to be a mother. I literally spent my life preparing for both, especially since they kind of go hand in hand. I did very well in school, got good grades, was attentive, loved learning, went on to graduate from high school, earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the field of Early Childhood Education. Coming up, I was the oldest of my siblings, the oldest of the second half of my cousins and was a babysitter for families in our neighborhoods and being in the classroom, I was a caregiver. Once I started trying to have a child, I struggled with multiple miscarriages so when I finally had a successful live birth and the shock of becoming a mother wore off, I realized the true nature of the responsibility in nurturing the blessing that I was given. He was my awakening! It was like coming out of a trance from existing to living. I became intentional in my parenting, questioning my own habits and assessing what it is that HE needs from me as a parent to thrive in this world. 


I realized a possible reality is that I was not going to be present or in control of how he is educated unless I worked at a center and he was able to attend. Sadly, working at a center is not sustainable, especially as a single parent. For me, I am not willing to sacrifice my presence as an involved, in-tune and engaged parent to work the kind of traditional job I would need to work in order to live abundantly in the monetary sense. I would much rather set myself up to be in a position where he can be a part of my business ventures, thriving and learning."

That is when Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. was created. By tuning in to all the things that bring me joy; being with my son, being a part of his educational experience while still being of service to others, and continuing to be an educator, I was able to produce a true labor of love.

With much gratitude, thank you for visiting the website and I look forward to being of service.

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Professional Reviews

Accurate & Caring

Tenesha Mack-Thorne, Childcare Director

"It was a pleasure working with you Keisha, your attention to detail, compassion and passion for children as Administration was greatly appreciated."

Child Care PatchWorks, LLC.


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