Child Care PatchWorks, LLC.

With children as the core focus, Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. strives to support those who support children both, directly or indirectly.

Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. support services to include reliable outsourcing of project-based virtual administrative support, parent empowerment services and educational services.

Administrative Support Services

Services for Entrepreneurs



​Child Care PatchWorks, LLC. provides expert administrative assistance through personalized, virtual administrative support helping to increase productivity within their business, maintain a better work-life balance and retain high quality staff. 

​Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Email management.

  • Digitize files.

  • Assistance with Job Posting or Initial Processes of Applicant Screening.

  • Managing Social media or Website content.

  • Assistance with marketing. 

  • Product or Document creation.

  • Establish or Organize record keeping systems.

  • Assistance with Newsletters or blogs.

  • And much more...

TeacHim Mom

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Services for Parents

TeacHim Mom's approach to parenting is being intentional and proactive rather than reactive.  I provide opportunities of reflection through my own experience parenting and knowledge in child development with a specialty in Early Childhood. 

By getting to know your unique parenting style, I provide developmental insight incorporating your current lifestyle to help you to be proactive and intentional in your parenting. 

Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Personalized emails, texts and/or phone messages

  • Access to TeacHim Mom meditations

  • Parent's Night In/Out Monthly Session

  • Free one-time download of eBooks released

  • Discount on Youth Educational Programs

  • One-on-one Monthly Goal Setting Call - 30 mins.

Mediations for Parents (Audios) - COMING SOON



Educational Services

Youth Childcare Training (9 years & up) - MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON




Professional Reviews

Accurate & Caring

Tenesha Mack-Thorne, Childcare Director

"It was a pleasure working with you Keisha, your attention to detail, compassion and passion for children as Administration was greatly appreciated."

Child Care PatchWorks, LLC.


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